Australian Tropical Rainforest Orchids

Pterostylis stricta

Northern Greenhood

Pterostylis stricta Clemesha & B.Gray, Orchadian 4 (2): 18-22, fig. (1972). Type: Queensland. Near Ravenshoe north Queensland, 15 Apr. 1969, B. Gray s.n. (holo NSW).


Occurs in north-eastern Queensland from Mount Finnigan to Paluma.

Altitude: 800-1250 m.


Terrestrial herb forming small colonies. Tubers globular, fleshy. Leaves 4-7, prostrate, forming a basal rosette, shortly petiolate; lamina oblong to ovate, 1.5-6 cm x 1-2 cm, green, margins undulate, apex obtuse. Inflorescence terminal, single-flowered, 100-300 mm tall, stiffly erect. Flower solitary, resupinate, erect, hooded, 20-25 mm x 10-12 mm, white with green striations, apex reddish brown. Dorsal sepal hooded, forming galea with petals; erect in lower section, upper third horizontal or slightly erect, apex apiculate. Lateral sepals erect, bases fused to form synsepalum for proximal half; sinus broad, bulging, with wide sine gap; distal parts divergent, free points tapered, recurved, 12-15 mm long, extending just above galea. Petals oblong, falcate, apex apiculate. Labellum unlobed, protruding prominently when set, 14-16 mm x 4 mm, abruptly curved near middle, dark reddish brown, apex obtuse. Column 14-24 mm long, gently curved. Capsules erect, dehiscent.


Occurs in rainforests and in open forests in highland regions growing among grass in sheltered gullies and slopes.

Locally common.

Flowering period: March-July.

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