Australian Tropical Rainforest Orchids

Flower shape

The overall shape of the flower when fully opened.

Star-shaped: the perianth segments spread widely in several directions and the flowers are more or less star like (stellate).

Bell-shaped: a short tubular flower shaped like a bell (campanulate).

Tubular: a flower that is more or less cylindrical. This condition can arise from the sepals and petals overlapping or being fused along their margins.

Hooded: the upper perianth parts, usually the dorsal sepal and petals, are expanded and overlap or are fused along their margins to form a single structure (galea). This structure usually curves forwards to fully or partly enclose the column or other parts of the flower.

Spider-shaped: the flower has long, slender, spider-like sepals and petals.

Cupped: the sepals and petals remain incurved and do not spread widely. The flowers have a cupped appearance.

Other: flowers that do not obviously fit into any of the other categories.