Australian Tropical Rainforest Orchids

Inflorescence position

The position on the plant where the inflorescence arises. The inflorescences are produced from specialised floral nodes, the position of these nodes on a species varies and is of evolutionary significance.

Terminal on a stem, tuber or pseudobulb: the inflorescence arises from the terminal nodes.

From an axil on a stem, pseudobulb or rhizome: the inflorescence arises from the axil of a leaf or bract.

Breaking through leaf:  the inflorescence breaks through a basal part of the leaf.

From centre of leafy rosette: the inflorescence arises from the centre of a rosette of leaves.

From leaf base: the inflorescence arises from the base of a leaf.

Leaf opposed: in some epiphytes the inflorescence arises on a section of the stem opposite a leaf (not in the leaf axil).

Base of pseudobulb: the inflorescence is produced from nodes at the base of a pseudobulb or stem.