Australian Tropical Rainforest Orchids

Inflorescence type

Inflorescences can be single or multi-flowered and the flowers can be stalkless (sessile) or carried on a stalk (pedicel) of varying length.

Spike: multi-flowered undivided inflorescence with the flowers either stalkless (sessile) or on very short hardly discernible stalks (subsessile).

Raceme: multi-flowered undivided inflorescence with the flowers distinctly stalked.

Panicle: a multi-flowered branched inflorescence.

Condensed head: a specialised inflorescence with all parts greatly condensed, the flowers stalkless and surrounded by rows of bracts (capitulum).

Umbel: an inflorescence with the flower stalks arising from the same point: this arrangement usually results in the flowers radiating from the end of the inflorescence stalk.

Single flower: an inflorescence of this type bears a single flower. An inflorescence stalk (peduncle) can be present but is often reduced to a small basal part.