Australian Tropical Rainforest Orchids

Labellum margins

This character refers to the structure or appearance of the margins of the labellum.

Entire: the labellum margins are smooth (entire).

Wavy:  the labellum margins are not divided but curve up and down (undulate).

Convolute/crisped: the labellum margins are extremely wavy, appearing crumpled.

Toothed:  the labellum margins are divided into sharply pointed segments (dentate).

Lacerate: the labellum margin is irregularly cut, jagged or notched, as if chewed (erose).

Irregular: the labellum margins are not smooth but have tiny bumps or minute tooth-like structures.

Incurved: the labellum margins curve inwards rather than being flat.

Warty: the labellum margins have irregular lumps resembling warts (verrucose).

Hairy/fringed: the margins have hairs or are cut into slender lobes (fimbriate); the hairs can be simple, cylindrical or tapered structures and can end in a rounded gland.

Resembling calli/glandular: the labellum margins have lobes that resemble calli found on the upper surface of the labellum or specialised structures that resemble glands.