Australian Tropical Rainforest Orchids

Labellum ornamentation

Various stuctures or ornamentations occur on the upper surface and margins of the labellum. These structures may aid in attracting a pollinator, produce nectar or their purpose may be unclear.

Glands/calli: the labellum is adorned with gland-like structures termed calli.

Hairs:  unicellular or multicellular hairs.

Longitudinal ridge(s): raised structures that usually run longitudinally along the labellum. Often these ridges are a different colour to the labellum and may be wavy or break up into calli. In some epiphytes a ridge can run transversely across the labellum.

Plate(s): a smooth, flat, relatively thin, rigid body of uniform thickness.

Channel: a furrow, groove or longitudinal depression often between two ridges on the labellum surface.

Papillae: small variously shaped protruberances on the labellum surface.

Erect pillar-like structure(s): an erect structure resembling a column or pillar.

None: the labellum surface is generally flat and without ornamentation.