Australian Tropical Rainforest Orchids

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Changes to botanical names are a routine consequence of research into any plant group. In the last decade various genera of Australian orchids have been subject to detailed research by workers on both sides of the continent. Recent research in Canberra has included molecular studies which for the first time provide important information on the ancestral relationships of genera. As a result of these studies Australian Orchidaceae has undergone significant taxonomic and nomenclatural changes at both generic and specific rank. The generic treatment of Mark Clements and David Jones in Canberra is used as a basis for this key. This treatment is not universally accepted and a simple cross-reference list is included here to facilitate understanding of the recent changes to species names.

If you want further details on synonomy see the Australian Orchid Name Index.

Names listed here as old name = new name.


Acianthus fornicatus = Acianthus borealis
Acianthus sublestus = Acianthella sublesta
Acriopsis javanica = Acriopsis emarginata
Arthrochilus dockrillii = Phoringopsis dockrillii


Bulbophyllum aurantiacum = Oxysepala schilleriana
Bulbophyllum baileyi = Carparomorchis baileyi
Bulbophyllum boonjee = Adelopetalum boonjee
Bulbophyllum bowkettiae = Serpenticaulis bowkettiae
Bulbophyllum clavigerum = Cirrhopetalum clavigerum
Bulbophyllum evasum = Kaurorchis evasa
Bulbophyllum gadgarrense = Oxysepala gadgarrensis
Bulbophyllum gracillimum = Cirrhopetalum gracillimum
Bulbophyllum grandimesense = Oxysepala grandimesensis
Bulbophyllum johnsonii = Serpenticaulis johnsonii
Bulbophyllum lageniforme = Adelopetalum lageniforme
Bulbophyllum leratii = Cirrhopetalum gracillimum
Bulbophyllum lewisense = Oxysepala lewisensis
Bulbophyllum lilianiae = Adelopetalum lilianiae
Bulbophyllum macphersonii = Blepharochilum macphersonii
Bulbophyllum macphersonii var. spathulatum = Blepharochilum sladeanum
Bulbophyllum masdevalliaceum = Ephippium masdevalliaceum
Bulbophyllum nematopodum = Papulipetalum nematopodum
Bulbophyllum newportii = Adelopetalum newportii
Bulbophyllum radicans = Fruticicola radicans
Bulbophyllum schillerianum = Oxysepala schilleriana
Bulbophyllum sladeanum = Blepharochilum sladeanum
Bulbophyllum taylori = Cadetia taylori
Bulbophyllum wadsworthii = Oxysepala wadsworthii
Bulbophyllum whitei = Serpenticaulis whitei
Bulbophyllum windsorense = Oxysepala windsorensis
Bulbophyllum wolfei = Serpenticaulis wolfei


Cadetia wariana = Sarcocadetia wariana
Camarotis keffordii = Micropera fasciculata
Cirrhopetalum leratii = Cirrhopetalum gracillimum



Dendrobium adae = Thelychiton adae
Dendrobium agrostophyllum = Trachyrhizum agrostophylla
Dendrobium antennatum = Ceratobium dalbertisii
Dendrobium baileyi = Grastidium baileyi
Dendrobium bairdianum = Eleutheroglossum fellowsii
Dendrobium bifalce = Leioanthum bifalce
Dendrobium bigibbum = Vappodes bigibba
Dendrobium bigibbum var. compactum = Vappodes lithocola
Dendrobium bowmanii = Dockrillia bowmanii
Dendrobium brevicaudum = Dockrillia brevicauda
Dendrobium cactua = Tetrabaculum cacatua
Dendrobium calamiforme = Dockrillia calamiformis
Dendrobium callitrophilum = Tropilis callitrophilis
Dendrobium canaliculatum = Cepobaculum canaliculatum
Dendrobium canaliculatum var. foelschei = Cepobaculum foelschei
Dendrobium cancroides = Grastidium cancroides
Dendrobium capitisyork = Tetrabaculum capitisyork
Dendrobium carrii = Australorchis carrii
Dendrobium carronii = Cepobaculum carronii
Dendrobium curvicaule = Thelychiton curvicaulis
Dendrobium dicuphum = Vappodes dicupha
Dendrobium discolor = Durabaculum undulatum var. undulatum
Dendrobium discolor var. broomfieldii = Durabaculum undulatum var. broomfieldii
Dendrobium discolor var. fuscum = Durabaculum fuscum
Dendrobium finniganensis = Thelychiton finniganensis
Dendrobium fleckeri = Thelychiton fleckeri
Dendrobium insigne = Dichopus insignis
Dendrobium johannis = Cepobaculum johannis
Dendrobium jonesii = Thelychiton jonesii subsp. jonesii
Dendrobium lichenastrum forma aurantiaco-purpureum = Davejonesia aurantiacopurpurea
Dendrobium lichenastrum = Davejonesia lichenastrum
Dendrobium lichenastrum var. prenticei = Davejonesia prenticei
Dendrobium linguiforme = Dockrillia linguiformis
Dendrobium lithocola = Vappodes lithocola
Dendrobium litorale = Aporopsis macfarlanei
Dendrobium luteocilium = Grastidium luteocilium
Dendrobium malbrownii = Monanthos malbrownii
Dendrobium mirbelianum = Durabaculum mirbelianum
Dendrobium monophyllum = Australorchis monophylla
Dendrobium nindii = Durabaculum nindii
Dendrobium nugentii = Dockrillia nugentii
Dendrobium racemosum = Dockrillia racemosa
Dendrobium rigidum = Dockrillia rigida
Dendrobium semifuscum = Cepobaculum semifuscum
Dendrobium smillieae = Coelandria smillieae
Dendrobium speciosum var. curvicaule = Thelychiton curvicaulis
Dendrobium speciosum var. nitidum gracillimum = Thelychiton nitidus
Dendrobium tattonianum = Cepobaculum tattonianum
Dendrobium teretifolium var. fasciculatum = Dockrillia calamiformis
Dendrobium tetragonum var. cactua = Tetrabaculum cacatua
Dendrobium tetragonum var. giganteum = Tetrabaculum capitisyork
Dendrobium toressae = Stilbophyllum torressae
Dendrobium tozerensis = Grastidium tozerense
Dendrobium trilamellatum = Cepobaculum trilamellatum
Dendrobium undulatum = Durabaculum undulatum var. undulatum
Dendrobium undulatum var. broomfieldii = Durabaculum undulatum var. broomfieldii
Dendrobium wassellii = Dockrillia wassellii
Dendrobium × foederatum = Dockrillia × foederata
Dendrobium × grimesii = Dockrillia × grimesii
Dendrobium × lavarackianum = ×Vappaculum lavarackianum
Dendrobium × ruppiosum = Thelychiton × ruppiosus
Dendrobium × superbiens = ×Vappaculum superbiens
Dockrillia nugentii = Dockrillia nugentii



Eria dischorensis = Bryobium intermedium
Eria eriaeoides = Bryobium eriaeoides
Eria fitzalanii = Hymeneria fitzalanii
Eria inornata = Pinalia kingii
Eria intermedia = Bryobium intermedium
Eria irukandjiana = Bryobium irukandjianum
Eria kingii = Pinalia kingii
Eria queenslandica = Bryobium queenslandicum


Flickingeria convexa = Abaxianthus convexus


Gastrodia queenslandica = Demorchis queenslandica
Geodorum pictum = Geodorum densiflorum
Grastidium insigne = Dichopus insignis



Hetaeria polygonoides = Rhomboda polygonoides


Liparis angustilabris = Cestichis angustilabris
Liparis bracteata = Cestichis bracteata
Liparis collinsii = Diteilis collinsii
Liparis condylobulbon = Cestichis condylobulbon
Liparis fleckeri = Cestichis fleckeri
Liparis habenarina = Empusa habenarina
Liparis nugentiae = Cestichis nugentiae


Malaxis fimbriata = Crepidium fimbriatum
Malaxis lawleri = Crepidium lawleri
Malaxis marsupichila = Crepidium marsupichilum



Parasarcochilus hirticalcar = Sarcochilus hirticalcar
Phreatia baileyana = Octarrhena pusilla
Phreatia crassiuscula = Plexaure crassiuscula
Podochilus australiensis = Appendicula australiensis
Pterostylis depauperata = Crangonorchis depauperata


Rhynchophreatia micrantha = Rhipidorchis micrantha


Sarcochilus ceciliae subsp. roseus = Sarcochilus roseus
Sarcochilus olivaceus var. borealis = Sarcochilus borealis


Tuberolabium speciosum = Trachoma speciosum
Tuberolabium stellatum = Trachoma stellatum


Zeuxine polygoniodes = Rhomboda polygonoides