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Inflorescence type

This is the arrangement in which the flowers are borne on the plant.

FL 5 solitary flower

FL 6 raceme

Flowers arranged on a single axis, each flower stalked.

FL 7 spike

Flowers arranged on a single axis, individual flowers lacking stalks.

FL 8 corymb

Flowers arranged so that they are on the same level more or less in the same plane.

FL 9 umbel

Flowers arising from one point at the apex of a stalk, each flower on its own stalk. (Two and three flowered umbels are included in this category.)

FL10 fascicle

Flowers arising from one point on a twig or branch, each flower with or without a stalk.

FL11 cyme

Flowers produced so that a flower terminates each branch of the inflorescence and additional flowers can only be produced by the production of floral branches below the terminal flower.

FL12 panicle

Flowers produced in much branched complex structures resembling the branching pattern of a tree. It is important to realize that panicles can incorporate other basic inflorescence patterns such as umbels and cymes.

FL13 head

Flowers produced in definite structures where the flowers (often without stalks) are densely packed in various ways without any obvious branching pattern.

FL14 cone