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Base shape

The shape of the leaf base (or leaflet base in the case of compound leaves) irrespective of whether the leaf or leaflet is petiolate or sessile.

L82 cuneate

Wedge-shaped, tapering somewhat abruptly towards the base.


L83 attenuate

Tapering gradually towards the base.

L84 obtuse

Rounded at the base.

L85 cordate

Broad and notched base.

L86 auriculate

Ear-shaped lobes near the base which is notched.

L87 sagittate

Like an arrow-head, narrow with lobes angled back towards petiole.

L88 hastate

Spear-shaped, narrow and pointed with two lobes at the base that join the petiole at a sharp angle (eg. right angle).

L89 truncate

Having an abrupt transverse base, as if cut off.

L90 oblique

An asymmetrical base, where one side of the petiole is larger than the other.

L91 peltate

Where the petiole is attached to the lower surface of the leaf blade, not to the margin.

L93 perfoliate

Where the leaf is sessile (without a petiole) and the base is wrapped around the stem.


L93 sheathing

The lower portion of the leaf wrap around the stem, and may be free and overlapping, or fused.