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Leaf length-breadth ratio

This is the ratio of the length to breadth of the leaf blade (or leaflet blade in the case of compound leaves) not including the stalk. For example a leaf blade 7 cm long and 7 cm wide would have a length/breadth ratio of 1 and would be included in feature L14. A leaf blade 5 cm long and 1 cm wide would have a ratio of 5 and would be included in feature L16.

A method of calculating this is to divide the length by the width:

a. Length 7 cm divided by width 7 cm = 1. Also 7/7 = 1.

b. Length 5 cm divided by width 1 cm = 5. Also 5/1 = 5.

c. Length 5 cm divided by width 2 cm = 2.5. Also 5/2.5 = 2.


L14 less than 1.5 L15 1.5 to 4.0
L16 more than 4.0