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Charater help notes

B Bark exudate appearance
B Bark outer surface
B Bark thickness
B Blaze layering
B Blaze odour
B Buttresses presence
B Inner blaze colour
B Inner blaze markings
B Inner blaze texture
B Lenticel colour
B Lenticel shape
B Outer blaze colour
B Outer blaze markings
B Outer blaze texture
B Subrhytidome layer colour
B Tree coppice
B Trunk fluting

FL Anther locules number
FL Anthers attachment
FL Anthers attachment to filament
FL Anthers dehiscence
FL Anthers opening
FL Anthers shape
FL Calyx colour
FL Calyx fusion
FL Calyx sepals number
FL Corolla aestivation
FL Corolla colour
FL Corolla fusion
FL Corolla petals number
FL Filament length relative to anther
FL Flowers general form
FL Flowers general mery
FL Flowers perianth form
FL Flowers sexuality
FL Flowers size
FL Flowers symmetry
FL Gynoecium free carpels number
FL Gynoecium fused locules number
FL Gynoecium fusion
FL Gynoecium position
FL Inflorescence position
FL Infloresence type
FL Male flowers rudimentary ovary
FL Petals fused
FL Placentation
FL Plant if flowers unisexual
FL Sepals fused
FL Stamens fusion
FL Stamens fusion to other floral parts
FL Stamens general position
FL Stamens general position no petals
FL Stamens number
FL Stamens number in relation to petals or sepals
FL Staminodes
FL Stigmas number
FL Style form
FR Aril colour
FR Cotyledons general shape
FR Cotyledons ruminate
FR Embryo shape
FR Endosperm
FR Endosperm ruminate
FR Fruit colour
FR Fruit dehiscence
FR Fruit derivation
FR Fruit general type
FR Fruit type if dry
FR Number of seeds
FR Seed arillate
FR Seed colour
FR Seed general size
FR Seed winged

Geographic area

L Adaptations for climbing
L Apex shape
L Base shape
L Compound leaves type
L Intramarginal vein
L Lateral vein angle
L Leaf base-petiole sheathing stem
L Leaf exudate
L Leaf glands
L Leaf length-breadth ratio
L Leaf ligule
L Leaf margin
L Leaf sheath margins
L Leaf venation
L Leaf-leaflet shape
L Leaflets if pinnate
L Leaflets number
L Leaves arrangement
L Leaves present
L Leaves simple-compound
L Margin 3-dimensional outline
L Margin form of lobing
L Margin incisions
L Midrib appearance
L Oil dots visible
L Petiole length
L Petiole winged
L Pulvinus
L Rachis winged
L Spines-hooks on stem not climbing
L Stipules present
L Terminal leaflet
L Undersurface colour
L Undersurface domatia
L Undersurface smooth

P Adaptations for spreading vegetatively
P Chlorophyll
P Habit
P Nutritional strategy
P Plant is an invasive alien weed

S Cataphylls presence
S Cotyledons apex shape
S Cotyledons base shape
S Cotyledons lower surface pubescence
S Cotyledons margin shape
S Cotyledons oil dots
S Cotyledons petiole
S Cotyledons shape
S Cotyledons size
S Cotyledons venation
S First pair of true leaves arrangement
S First pair of true leaves type
S Germination type
S Tenth leaf arrangement
S Tenth leaf digitate
S Tenth leaf division
S Tenth leaf if compound arrangement of leaflets
S Tenth leaf if compound number of leaflets
S Tenth leaf if compound terminal leaflet
S Tenth leaf oil dots
S Tenth leaf stage stem cross section
S Tenth leaf stage stem pubescence
S Tenth leaf stage terminal bud pubescence
S Tenth leaf stipules
S Tenth leaf type
S Tenth leaf-leaflet intramarginal vein
S Tenth leaf-leaflet margin shape
S Tenth leaf-leaflet petiole exudate colour
S Tenth leaf-leaflet petiole length
S Tenth leaf-leaflet pulvinus presence
S Tenth leaf-leaflet undersurface colour
S Tenth leaf-leaflet undersurface pubescence
S Tenth leaf-leaflet vein angle
S Tenth leaf-leaflet venation

VB Bark exudate colour
VB Bark outer surface
VB Blaze colour
VB Blaze layering
VB Blaze markings
VB Blaze odour
VB Blaze texture
VB Lenticel colour
VB Lenticel shape
VB Phloem presence
VB Sections of bark in wood
VB Stem shape
VB Subrhytidome layer colour
VB Vascular rays in wood
VB Vessels in wood
VB Vine growth habit