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Family Profile


Family Description

A family of about 65 genera and about 900 species, pantropic, with a few species extending into temperate zones; ten genera occur naturally in Australia.


Achyranthes - A genus of about 100 species in Africa, Asia, Malesia and Australia; one species occurs naturally in Australia.

Alternanthera - A genus of about 200 species in the tropics and subtropics; ten species occur naturally in Australia and three species have become naturalised.

Amaranthus - A genus of about 40-60 species in tropical and temperate areas; 10 or 11 species occur naturally in Australia with15 species that have become naturalised. Backer (1949).

Cyathula - A genus of about 27 species distributed in Asia, Pacific Islands, Africa, and North and South America with 1 species that have become naturalised.

Deeringia - A genus of about 7-12 species in Madagascar, Asia, Malesia and Australia; two species occur naturally in Australia.


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