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Herbarium specimen. Copyright DERM

Arthragrostis deschampsioides



Botanical Name

Arthragrostis deschampsioides (Domin) Lazarides

Lazarides, M. (1985) Nuytsia 5(2): 286. Type: ?.


Panicum deschampsioides Domin, Bibliotheca Botanica 20(85): 320(1914), Type: Queensland: am Castle Hill bei Townsville nicht selten (Domin, II. 1910).


Annual. Culms 17-50 cm long; 4 -noded.


Ligule a ciliolate membrane; 0.5-0.8 mm long. Leaf-blades 2-9 cm long; 1-2.8 mm wide. Leaf-blade surface ribbed; hirsute; with tubercle-based hairs. Leaf-blade margins cartilaginous; ciliate; hairy at base.


Inflorescence a panicle. Panicle open; elliptic; 15-25 cm long; 2-5 cm wide. Primary panicle branches 5-12 cm long. Panicle axis bearing deciduous branches. Panicle branches scabrous. Spikelets solitary. Fertile spikelets pedicelled. Pedicels 8-25 mm long; tip cupuliform. Fertile spikelets comprising 1 basal sterile florets; 1 fertile florets; without rhachilla extension. Spikelets ovate; dorsally compressed; 4-5 mm long; falling entire. Rhachilla internodes elongated below proximal fertile floret. Rhachilla elongation slender. Glumes dissimilar; shorter than spikelet; thinner than fertile lemma. Lower glume ovate; 0.5 length of spikelet; membranous; without keels; 7 -veined. Lower glume surface scabrous. Lower glume apex acute; muticous, or awned; 1 -awned. Lower glume awn 0 -.5 mm long. Upper glume lanceolate; 3-4.5 mm long; membranous; without keels; 7 -veined. Upper glume lateral veins ribbed. Upper glume surface scabrous. Upper glume apex acuminate; muticous, or awned; 1 -awned. Upper glume awn 0-2 mm long. Basal sterile florets barren; without significant palea. Lemma of lower sterile floret lanceolate; 1 length of spikelet; membranous; 9 -veined; ribbed; acuminate; muticous, or awned. Awn of lower sterile floret 0-2.5 mm long. Fertile lemma elliptic; 1.5-1.7 mm long; indurate; shiny; without keel; 5-7 -veined. Lemma margins involute. Lemma apex obtuse.


Caryopsis with free brittle pericarp; dorsally compressed; 1.2-1.4 mm long. Embryo 0.5 length of caryopsis. Hilum punctiform.


Features not available.

Distribution and Ecology

Occurs in CYP and NEQ. Altitudinal range from near sea level to 760 m. Grows in eucalypt forest, deciduous vine thicket, Melaleuca woodland and eucalypt woodland.







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