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Ficus triradiata



Botanical Name

Ficus triradiata Corner

Corner, E.J.H. (1960) The Gardens' Bulletin Singapore 17: 401. Type: C.T. White 10536, Mt. Spurgeon; holo: BRI.


Ficus triradiata Corner var. triradiata, The Gardens' Bulletin Singapore 17: 401(1960), Type: ?. Ficus triradiata var. sessilicarpa Corner, The Gardens' Bulletin Singapore 17: 401(1960), Type: Brass 20052, Mt. Finnegan, 850 m. alt.; holo: BRI; iso: L. SING.

Common name

Fig, Red Stipule; Red Stipule Fig; Fig


A strangling fig. Dead bark orange, yellow or khaki when cut. Exudate rapid and copious.


Petioles and twigs produce a milky exudate. Looping lateral veins forming a fairly distinct intramarginal vein with another 1 or 2 indistinct veins closer to the margin. Stipules frequently red, about 3-7 cm long. Leaf blades about 6-14 x 2-6 cm.


Male flowers dispersed among the fruitlets in the ripe fig. Anthers +/- reniform. Bracts at the base of the fig, three, persistent in the ripe fig. Lateral bracts not present on the outside of the fig body.


Figs sessile or very shortly pedunculate, globular or depressed globular, about 20-30 x 20-30 mm. Orifice a triradiate slit, closed within the body of the fig by inflexed, but not interlocking, internal bracts.


Cotyledons orbicular, about 5-8 mm diam. First few pairs of leaves toothed. At the tenth leaf stage: leaf blade lanceolate to ovate, apex acute, base obtuse to cordate, glabrous, triplinerved at the base; oil dots not visible; petiole glabrous; stipules sheathing the terminal bud, about 15-30 mm long, falling early.

Distribution and Ecology

Endemic to NEQ, restricted to the area between Cooktown and Mt Molloy. Altitudinal range from near sea level to 1300 m. Grows in well developed rain forest on a variety of sites.





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