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Lasianthus cyanocarpus



Botanical Name

Lasianthus cyanocarpus Jack

Jack, W. (1823) Transactions of the Linnean Society, London 14: 125. Type: Found at Tappanooly on the west coast of Sumatra.


Usually flowers and fruits as a shrub about 1 m tall.


Young shoots, both the upper and lower surfaces of the leaf blade and twigs densely clothed in long pink or purplish tortuous hairs. Leaf blades rather large, about 14-20 x 5-7 cm. Stipules linear or narrowly triangular, clothed in long pink hairs.


Inflorescence very short, much shorter than the leaves and scarcely exceeding the petioles. Calyx tube (hypanthium) about 1 mm long, calyx lobes hairy, about 1 mm long. Corolla tube about 9-10 mm long, corolla lobes about 5 mm long. Adaxial surface of the corolla lobes and upper part of the corolla tube densely clothed in white hairs. Anthers about 2 mm long.


Fruits globular to pyriform, about 8-18 mm diam., bright sky blue or metallic blue in colour, calyx lobes persistent at the apex. Seeds about 5 mm long, convex on one side and concave on the other. Cotyledons small, no wider than the radicle.


Cotyledons ovate, about 6-7 x 4-5 mm, margins slightly crenate. First pair of leaves cordate, both the upper and lower surfaces clothed in long reddish hairs. Stems clothed in similar hairs. At the tenth leaf stage: leaf blade elliptic to obovate, apex acuminate, base obtuse. Midrib raised on the upper surface. Stipules ovate, about 2 mm long, densely clothed in long, bristle-like, pink-red hairs. All plant parts densely clothed in long bristle-like, pink-red hairs with thickened bases.

Distribution and Ecology

Occurs in CYP, known only from Mt Carter and the McIlwraith Range areas. Altitudinal range from 450-550 m. Grows as an understory plant in undisturbed upland rain forest. Also occurs in Malesia.



Herb (herbaceous or woody, under 1 m tall)


Shrub (woody or herbaceous, 1-6 m tall)


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